Our October cover star represents the very best of modern womanhood. She's strong, fearless and so completely confident and comfortable in her own skin that she inspires the rest of us to be, too. Rihanna is the woman we all want to be, and we spoke to her and 20 of her biggest fans and friends to find out exactly what makes her such a star, and how she's used that to create what could be the world's most inclusive beauty brand, Fenty Beauty.

In fashion news, we take a dip into the season's darker side: studs, patent leather and gothic fairytale looks are all going to be huge. Match them with a deep berry lip and burgundy accessories, or go the other extreme and pick up fashion's surprising new hobbies: basket-weaving and pottery.

If you're in the mood for some introspection, consider these questions: are you living a fake Instagram life? And are you really listening to your friends? The answers to both could be the key to getting ahead. Or read about the incredible new fragrance that's been seven years in the making, the lipstick inspired by a '90s classic, and the new yoga practice inspired by the movement of apes.

Finally we take a look inside Amanda Seyfried's home in the Catskills, where the rooms are beautiful but never fully finished, and neat perfection is never the objective. Now that's a design and life philosophy we can get behind.

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