Pomelo Karis copper pleated skirt

It's time to swap your silver pleated midi skirts for a different colour

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 28 Feb 2017

Copper pleated skirt
Photo: Pomelo Fashion

Pomelo Karis pleated skirt, approx. RM110
Say goodbye to silver pleated midi skirts and hello to this beautiful copper-coloured one! This skirt makes me want to swoosh it around my ankles every day (if only it was socially acceptable to wear it that often!). The classy colour and pleated pattern make it great for day-to-night looks. The best part is that it goes with the rest of my wardrobe! Plus, I know my grandma will appreciate its appropriate length and its lack of holes (she doesn't agree with my ripped jeans). See, grandma? I can clean up pretty good.

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