Tarte's new brush set is as dreamy as it gets

Magic wands for your face

By Medina Azaldin | Published: 6 Apr 2017

Tarte Brush Set
Photo: Sephora

Tarte Magic Wands Brush Set, RM170 at Sephora

Just. Look. At. It. The rainbow-hued bristles, the unicorn-influenced gold handles – I'm convinced these brushes are made by little fairies in an oak tree. They're not, but they are vegan and cruelty-free, so close enough! Tarte's amazing brushes blends makeup like a dream; they glide gently on the face with hardly any shedding, lasts a long time despite regular cleaning and look beautiful on my dresser. This set is part of Tarte's new range of fairytale-inspired collection (check them out and be ready to swoon). There's even a rainbow highlighter!

This limited edition Magic Wands Brush Set includes a contour, powder and liquid foundation and two eyeshadow brushes. It comes down to RM34 per brush, an absolute steal for quality brushes. You can bet I’ve already placed my order by the time you’re done reading this.


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