Review: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral

They say it takes three weeks to form a habit, but an ELLE editor who has never owned a Samsung or Android phone in her life is converted in a week

By Andrea Tim | Published: 23 Dec 2016

Galaxy S7 Edge
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Day 1
My first thoughts upon switching on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral: what is this? How to use? Why am I swiping everything wrong? The phone is so thin and light, it sits unobstrusively in my bag when I'm on the go. I'm more of a red type of person, but a new blue phone is something I never thought I needed.

Day 2
Colleagues hijack my phone for selfies. Everyone looks softer, prettier and perfectly lit, even though we're shooting indoors under fluoro strip lights that do no one any favours. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge camera lens seems to turn even the harshest light into golden hour – that magical sunrise/sunset time when the light is at its most flattering angle.

There are more photos of my colleagues on the phone than there are of me right now.

I've also heard many things about the Beauty feature. Curious, I try it at home, setting the Big Eyes, Skin Tone and Slim Face filters to max. Am slightly terrified; that is not my face. But I appreciate the Skin Tone filter, which blurs out any imperfections. I don't take selfies – I struggle to even pretend walk in OOTDs – but am tempted to take more.

(L-R) My real face, my face with just the Skin Tone feature, my face with Big Eyes and Slim Face set to the maximum.

Day 3
Still adjusting to all the newness. I try holding the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with one hand; I need to practice as it's quite a jump in size from my old phone. I watch a few videos, including Muse performing live and the Fantastic Beasts trailer. The screen, which looks almost without a bezel thanks to the curved 'edge' makes everything look fantastic.

The phone only has one speaker, so while you won't get stereo audio that way, the earphones more than make up for it. Everything sounds great and the earpieces are comfortable.

Day 4
Took a flatlay today, and all everyone could talk about was how great the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge looked in the sea of blue.

Am getting obsessed with the coral blue theme.

Day 5
Just when I think I'm used to the interface and features, I realise that the phone has a groundbreaking smartphone feature: dual pixel 12MP camera technology, which essentially translates to sharper photos, faster lens focus (this, I noticed, happens without fail, even while shooting videos), and a wide aperture range (as low as f.17).

Even at night, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge takes great photos. No edits needed!

There are the usual hyperlapse, slow motion and panorama, plus a few unusual ones for selective focus and making a video collage, but what I really love is the Pro mode. Auto mode does this automatically (and very quickly) for you, but Pro mode gives you more control over your photos. Settings like the shutter speed, ISO and aperture – things you'll find in a DSLR camera – can be adjusted. Blurred backgrounds (a.k.a. the Bokeh effect) are more prominent now, too.

Left: Taken with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Right: Taken with my old phone, which doesn't have a dual pixel camera.

Day 6
I shoot a video of our beauty editor Grace playing with some makeup for a holiday look, and make edits with the VideoShow app. The microphone picks up audio really well, and I notice how quickly the auto-focus works as objects move closer or further from the camera. No awkward split-second blur is always great.

Despite nearly a week's worth of active photo-taking and video recording, I've not had to look at how much storage space I have left. If I eventually max out my 32GB built-in storage, I know it's expandable to 256GB.

Day 7
The final test: I hesitantly put the phone in a bowl of water. One of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge's pride and joys is its dust and water-resistant feature. It's hard to test for dust resistance, but the water test is always easy. So last night, I put the phone in a bowl of water, rang it, and got my parents to answer. Phone survived. Parents were shocked. I demonstrate again for my colleagues this morning; shock and awe.

A prompt will tell you if there is still moisture in the charging port; I left the phone to dry, and everything was soon back to normal.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes, 1.5m deep.

The aftermath
I've never thought I wanted a big phone, but after a week with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Blue Coral, I say my reluctant goodbyes, and wonder where it's been all my life.

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