How I do it: NaNa Law

The lifestyle blogger and swimwear entrepreneur talks us through her day, from getting dressed to winding down

By ELLE Malaysia | Published: 2 May 2017

HIDI: NaNa Law
Photo: NaNa Law

Hello, I'm NaNa (or people always called me "Nanabwincess") and I'm a social media influencer/blogger and entrepreneur.

I normally wake up at 8am, and the first thing I do is a morning stretch and take a hot bath. 

I use SK-II products for both of my morning and night beauty skincare routine. In the morning, I will put on my everyday go-to makeup, using a mixture of brands. Then at night, I will do a deep cleanse using Kiehl's peeling mask and if I need to, I'll put on a Dr. Jart facial sheet mask to restore skin hydration and firmness.

Photo: NaNa Law

I never leave the house without lipstick, I'm currently addicted to Clinique Pop Matte #BlushingPop.  And I can't live without fragrance. I like woody, floral scents. Sometimes, I will use men's fragrances too.

Gucci Flora Gardenia Eau De Toilette

Deciding what to wear in the morning very much depends on what event I have on that day and whether there will be a theme for the event. Otherwise, I will wear something really casual like jeans with a plain top, paired with sneakers.

Photo: NaNa Law

My wardrobe is quite monotone, there's only black, white, and grey in it. That's why I always end up having similar pieces. But recently I'm into nude pink, so that's added some colour in. My favourite piece that I've bought recently is a nude pink top from COS.


I guess every day is quite different. Sometimes I'm super packed with events, but some days I get to sit down at a café and brainstorm new ideas with friends. I spend most of my time taking pictures and curating them on my social media platforms.

Photo: NaNa Law

I enjoy every process of my work, hence there's no real favourite part. If there is one, I guess it would be the recognition at this point of my blogging career. I am generally working 24/7, so there's no specific time that I finish work, but I'm definitely not complaining about the flexibility.


After work I like to unwind by putting on a mask and listening to my favourite playlist or reading a book. I prefer to stay at home in the evenings, working out or chilling with friends, however most of the time my schedule would not allow me to do so I will end up spending most of my evenings out.

On the weekends I love working out during the daytime, and sometimes there are events during the weekend too so I will have to work. At night, I usually go to a speakeasy bar to have chill drinks with friends. 

Some of NaNa's favourite places to spend an evening include Flour (left) and bars like Junglebird (right). Photo: NaNa Law

Some of my favourite places to eat include VCR, Sitka, Common Man Coffee Roasters. In Malaysia, you get such a variety of food. I personally love Japanese, Chinese and Indian food. My favourites are Oribe and Kame for Japanese, Elegant Inn for Chinese and Flour for Indian.

NaNa's idea of a perfect holiday is spending time at the beach. Photo: NaNa Law

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