You will soon be able to buy vibrators at Watsons

What else do you need to know?

By ELLE Malaysia | Published: 7 Apr 2016

Vibrators at Watsons
Photo: Smile Makers

We at ELLE are lucky enough to have a Watsons right next door to the office, and we're always ducking out at lunchtime for those everyday emergency essentials. You know, Band-Aids for blistered feet, pain killers for deadline headaches, breath mints for last-minute dates. And now... vibrators for last-minute date cancellations? 

Yes, Watsons now stocks vibrators. We thought you'd like to know. Specifically, Smile Makers vibrators. (Yes, we also thought Smile Makers meant teeth whitening. But it doesn't.)

There are different types of vibrators to suit your, er, taste in men. You like big, burly firemen? They got it. You like French men? They got that too. You prefer sexy tennis coaches? Yep. And there's our favourite, the millionaire. Did we mention they're waterproof? 

Watsons: for the modern Malaysian woman.

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