Lessons Yuna taught us about love

The most important lesson is to love yourself first, the singer says

By Andrea Tim | Published: 4 Jul 2016

Yuna's love advice
Photo: Yuna

At 29, Yuna has been through a lot and accomplished even more – to no one's surprise, her recent collaboration with Usher is now her most viewed music video on her YouTube channel so far. But beneath the star power and success is a woman who has been through heartbreak and self doubt, and who came out on top anyway. How? She told ILY magazine that her new album Chapters reflects a big lesson she's learned: the underlying message is to love yourself first and foremost.

Here are seven lessons about love from Yuna that we can all live by – and it even applies to the crush phase.

1. Be sure before you make a move.
"I make sure of my feelings before I go ahead and tell someone. I'm a pretty direct person so I definitely let someone know if I like them, but later on, like after a couple of months or years. I [wait] because you never know, you might just change the organic growth of a relationship. I don't really like to spoil friendships that way. Sometimes it's just a crush, it's just a feeling that you have at the moment. Sometimes a crush is a phase you have to go through."

2. Take a crush seriously.
"I don't really date around. First of all, I don't go around and date because I don't have the time. Second of all, I don't like to get myself into something that's going to disappear later. I put my heart and soul into a relationship. I have to be sure."

3. Don't be rash.
"I've learned that I need to take time and learn about a person, and learn about the person that I am, before investing in a relationship."

4. If a relationship holds you back, let it go.
"You can't change someone, and you can't let someone change you. A relationship shouldn't feel like a cage. If you wake up feeling heavy or restricted, you have to ask yourself if the relationship is worth sacrificing your freedom and happiness."

5. Don't just move on from the person; move on from the relationship.
"I realised it's not the person I'm not over, it's our story. It's hard to let the story go. But, you need to realise that more experiences are coming your way. More good things are coming your way. It's all meant to be. I was raised to accept things the way they are. You can't force things. You just have to move on."

6. Don't put all your eggs into one basket.
"Don't overexert yourself, your love, your energy for those who won't reciprocate the love. I stopped, and I'm happier."

7. Love yourself before you love someone else.
"Love is accepting your flaws, and then you'll find someone who will love you for you – the best version of you. Someone will come and appreciate you – all of you."

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