Badass women: 21 April 2017

We take our hats off to Malaysian student Atilla Hanna who spoke up against a group chat created by college students to critique new female students

By Lydia Chan | Published: 23 Apr 2017

Badass Women 21Apr17
Photo: Atilla Hanna

Atilla Hanna

[Updated 23 April 2017]

A statement released by Brickfields College today says only one boy is facing disciplinary action and has been given 100 hours of community service.

[Updated 22 April 2017]

Atilla has released a new Twitter thread on her personal account, detailing interactions she has had with officials from both BAC and IACT about her original post, the boys' actions, and the subsequent social media publicity. She has explained that she's disappointed with the action taken by the staff of both colleges, that she was pressured to remove her original post and made to feel at fault for publicising the incident in the first place. 

In her tweets, Atilla writes: "I cracked and took the post down as they said it was the wrong move on my end. Fast forward to two days ago, the boy who said those nasty things approached me along with a friend of his. He apologised but his friend was also stating that I was wrong as well, both BAC students. Thats when I asked him, what he got from the BAC team, he said NOTHING. He didn't get any disciplinary actions towards him. He said the most that he got was a slap from a girl but nothing from BAC. NO counselling, NO temporary suspension, NOTHING. He walks free."

Atilla has also stated that she's faced intimidation and threats from other students, and her parents have consequently made the decision to withdraw her from IACT.

We contacted a representative from BAC today, who informed ELLE that the male students involved in the incident have been suspended until further notice and given 1,000 hours of community service at the college. 


For anyone who thinks that fighting for women's rights is a 'western feminists' thing, this Malaysian student is here to tell you otherwise. Now-deleted tweets by Atilla Hanna (@nottilla) reveal how she exposed a college group chat that critiqued and objectified new female students at IACT College and Brickfields Asia College. Students in the group had made negative comments about her and her boyfriend. The stream of insults even included one particularly unacceptable comment: "She gonna kena rape from me, then she must marry me." We're fuming too.

[Update: A Facebook post by the sister of Atilla's boyfriend that contained screenshots of Atilla's tweets has been deleted.]

Atilla made reports to the BAC and IACT managements, who have apparently resolved the matter (we hope that means the group chat has been shut down and the students reprimanded). Atilla tweeted that she chose to speak out "to encourage and instill respect for women" and that "RAPE is not cool." Good on you, Atilla, for having way more balls than any of the guys in that group chat ever will.

Kathrine Switzer
In 1967, Kathrine Switzer defied all odds and became the first woman to officially complete the Boston Marathon. At the time, the race was only for men but Kathrine managed to register for it as she went under a pseudonym. A few miles into her run, she was attacked by an angry official who wanted her removed from the race. That image became a lasting symbol of the fight for women's rights. Katrine's boyfriend at the time helped her shove the official away and she ended up completing the race at 4 hours 20 minutes. This week, at 70 years old, Kathrine took part in the marathon again and even wore her original number, 261, completing the race at an impressive 4 hours and 44 minutes.

"I've got to tell you it was one of the most gratifying emotional experiences I've ever had," Kathrine told CNN about the massive support she received during her run. "It was a wonderful moment."

Serena Williams
Tennis star Serena Williams is 20 weeks pregnant with her first child with fiancé Alexis Ohanian! While impending motherhood alone deserves a badass award, fans did the math and realised that Serena had won the Australia Open 2017 tournament while being two months pregnant! One fan had a particularly hilarious reaction to just how amazing Serena is.

Photo: serenawilliams/Instagram

Johanne Astrid Poulsen
They say stars are born not made; if that's true, 10-year-old Johanne must have been born a rockstar. Earlier this week, the little drummer girl won Denmark's Got Talent and took home a prize of 250,000 Danish Krone (approx. RM158,360). Johanne might be young and small-sized but she can command a full drum set with songs by some of the greatest rock bands (think Led Zeppelin and Rage Against the Machine). She even has the long rocker hair to complete the look! Tell us if her sheer spirit doesn't make you smile. Justin Bieber who?

Video: Got Talent Global

Rahaf Khatib
From one badass Boston Marathon runner to another; Rahaf Khatib completed the race in 5 hours and 13 minutes but her accomplishment was also a big win for Syrian refugees. The runner comes from a family of Syrian immigrants and through her participation in the marathon, she managed to raise $16,000 (approx. RM70,335) for the Syrian American Rescue Network. The non-profit organisation helps refugees resettle in America.

Rahaf previously made history as the first Muslim woman to appear on the cover of an American fitness magazine wearing a headscarf. Besides that, the runner is active on Instagram, where she continues to encourage Muslim women to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Talk about running for a good cause!


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