Badass women: 24 October 2015

We've encountered loads of inspiration of the badass kind this week

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 23 Oct 2015

Badass women 24Oct15
Photo: WGRZ

Felimina Rotundo
Felimina Rotundo is 100 years old, but don't let her age fool you into thinking she's a weak old lady. Felimina still works 11 hours a day, six days a week at a laundromat in Buffalo, New York. And she has no plans for retirement.

"I grew up during the Depression, when things were really bad and you had to go to work at 15," Felimina told Buffalo's WGRZ. "It does something to you, it makes you grow up fast. I talk to people all day, I do a few bundles. It's being out, getting up in the morning. And when you say 'I have to go to work,' it does something for you." Felimina also thinks that "too many old people are retiring too young."

"I'm still here, you never know how long I'm going to work, but I'll keep going until I can't walk anymore as long as God will let me, I go one day at a time," Felimina added. You go, Feli!

Hannah Cockroft
We are in awe of Hannah Cockroft, a Paralympic champion who just claimed her third successive T34 100m gold medal at the IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha this week.

Armed only with a wheelchair and a strong will, Hannah crossed the finish line in a record time of 17.73 seconds. "I really wanted to hold that 100m title a year out from Rio to send out a warning to show I am still the one to beat," said Hannah

(Photo: HCDream2012/Twitter)

Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz
Former international trade and industry minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz spoke up for women who quit their jobs to parent their children at the Global Transformation Forum in Kuala Lumpur. She said that women should have the rights to leave their careers without facing social disapproval for their decisions.

"Every woman must make the right choice that's right for her. If she decides to drop out after having reached a certain level, because she's reached her ultimate level of contentment and would like to divert her energy to nurturing her children, so be it," said Rafidah.

But she also added that parenting responsibilities should be shared equally between both men and women, rather than falling predominantly on the woman, and that society should stop dividing men and women into roles based on gender, and instead see everyone as human.

(Photo: University of Malaya)

Rae Paoletta
As per Halloween tradition, people will be dressing up in outrageous costumes ranging from sexy to just plain weird. MTV writer Rae Paoletta wants everyone to know that even the sexiest costume doesn't imply that the wearer is 'asking for it'.

"A costume is not consent. Let's say that one more time: A costume is not consent. For any sexual act. Ever. Period," Rae wrote. "Women are often told they were 'asking' to be assaulted because of what they were wearing, so it's important to remember that no matter what someone's costume is, no matter how much skin they show or how "sexy" they look, it's not an invitation or an excuse to invade their boundaries."

Read her full PSA here.

(Photo: Rae Paoletta/Facebook)

Ava DuVernay
During the ELLE Women in Hollywood awards event this week, honoree and director Ava DuVernay stressed how important it is to keep fighting for equality for yourself and those around you, regardless of gender.

"I invite us to think of this room as a village, one that fights for change on the outside, but one that recognises that an equal part of that right is keeping ourselves strong and joyous and sane in a really insane industry," Ava said. "Because our conversation shouldn't be consumed with what he's not doing or what they don't value. We value us. We build our village. We grow stronger."

"We also blossom because we nourish one another. We focus on her – the woman sitting right next to you. We focus on us. It's equally as important. If we don't do both, I think we lose," Ava added.

Read Ava's speech here.

(Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages)


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