Badass women: 28 September 2017

Cardi B, Lucy Hale, the first U.S. female Marine infantry officer, President Sirleaf and Saudi Arabian women activists are our female heroes this week

By Lydia Chan | Published: 28 Sep 2017

Badass Women 28Sep17
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Cardi B
Rapper Cardi B made history this week for being the first solo female rapper to top the Billboard Hot 100 list in nearly 19 years. As if that in itself isn't super impressive, her hit Bodak Yellow also just happens to be her very first single and it even beat out Taylor Swift's comeback track, Look What You Made Me Do. Talk about making a great first impression.

The first U.S. female Marine infantry officer
The United States Marine Corps is known as one of the most elite fighting forces in the world and this week, it welcomed its very first female infantry officer. The lieutenant, who chose to keep her identity private, is the first woman Marine to complete the notoriously gruelling 13-week Infantry Officer Course. Previously, 36 other women had attempted and failed the course.

According to The Washington Post, the course requires "strength and stamina to carry equipment weighing up to 152 pounds [approx. 70kg].' In fact, on the very first day, students endure a day-long combat test that includes hiking, an obstacle course and weapons assembly and land navigations skill assessments. Roughly 10% of students fail the first day. That's what we call a badass.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia will soon be stepping down at the end of her two-term mandate. Ellen, the first woman head of state in the African continent and a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, became Liberia's first post-war president in January 2006 and has helped established peace throughout the region. Her departure also marks the country's first peaceful transfer of power since 1944.

On the change that led to her presidency, she said in an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour: "The women decided. Men had ruled this country for all these years and look what it brought us; war, death, destruction. It's time we try something different. They did everything they could."

Saudi women activists
Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia announced that women will be able to legally drive from June 2018. This historical change was years in the making with many women long protesting and campaigning for it. One of the key activists was Loujain Hathloul, who was arrested in 2014 for driving into Saudi Arabia from the United Arab Emirates. She was detained for 73 days but her arrest clearly proved that Saudi women will not back down.

Photo: loujainhathloul/Twitter

Lucy Hale
Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale is not here for your body shaming. The actress recently posted a photo of herself on Twitter, and received this comment from some ignorant man: "No straight men are signing off on that anorexic look – that's for gays guys & fashionistas, we want you to please eat a hamburger."

But before you get all riled up, fret not. Lucy, who has been open about her previous struggle with anorexia, shut him down with a series of tweets, which she ended with a definitive "keep your repulsive comments to yourself."

And when Mr. Immature hit back with a snarky comment, Lucy shut the conversation down with a "Boy BYE." YAS, LUCY.


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