Badass: Woman wrestles a shark and throws it back into the ocean

If you need motivation to deal with assholes in your life, watch this

By Andrea Tim | Published: 11 Oct 2017

Shark wrangler
Screenshot from Cronulla Real Estate

Welcome to Jaws, except this is even better.

A real estate agent in Sydney named Melissa Hatheier took matters into her own hands – literally – when she spotted a shark trapped in a rock pool (presumably because of the low tide) in beachside suburb Cronulla. She was filmed wrestling the shark and throwing it over the edge of the pool and back into the ocean.

She threw it back into the ocean. Just a polite toss overboard – basically what we'd like to do to our problems.

"I was just trying to catch a little shark," she told the Leader. "If it had big teeth I wouldn't have done it."

"My Mum, who swims at Oak Park every morning, called me just after 7am on Monday and said, 'There's a shark in the rock pool,'" Melissa said. "I rounded up the kids and we headed to the pool. The water was very clear and it was easy to see the shark swimming around. He was only about a metre long. I started to swim around him and he became a bit stressed and started to knock his head on the rocks. I was feeling sorry for him. Everyone was saying, 'What do we do?' Mum even rang triple zero and the police came. I herded the shark into the shallows and then I just sort of jumped on him and put my knees on his fins. I then grabbed him around the neck so he couldn't swing around and bite me. He wasn't that heavy but his skin was very rough, like sandpaper. I just threw him over the edge of the pool into the water and watched him swim away."

Just keep swimmin' away, problems. And yay, shark!

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