We have found the perfect anti-distraction app

It is called A Soft Murmur and it is all we need to find our zen

By Andrea Tim | Published: 21 Aug 2015

Anti-distraction app
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You can put your loud music playlists away now. All of mankind's progress in technology has led to this – a simple yet extremely satisfying ambient sound mixer called A Soft Murmur, which was created by Gabriel Martin "to wash away distraction."

Sure, we've seen similar websites and apps that provide ambient sounds too, but seldom do they let you control exactly what sounds you want to hear at the same time and how loud you want each sound to be.

The features are Rain, Thunder, Waves, Wind, Fire (warm hearth feels!), Birds, Crickets, Coffee Shop (chatter and clinking of cups), Singing Bowl and White Noise. Customise your ambient sounds and share them with friends in need of the comforting noise of waves hitting the shore. Extra functions include Meander, which randomly changes the volume of each sound and Timers, which is self-explanatory. Android users have the additional advantage of playing these sounds on their mobiles, but the iPhone and iPad versions have not yet been developed.

"I created A Soft Murmur for myself," Gabriel says on the website. "I like to work in public spaces like libraries and coffee shops, but they can be noisy and distracting. Listening to ambient helps me focus, and I like being able to mix different sounds together to match the environment I'm in."

We feel you, Gabe. We're turning up "Rain" with just a hint of "Thunder" to match the sinister dark skies outside our window today.

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