Social media cleanse diary: Day 7

I've survived my week-long social media cleanse and might just keep going

By Lydia Chan | Published: 7 Mar 2017

No Facebook: Day 7
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Day 7
It's the last day of my cleanse and I think I've reached the immunity point: the moment when I no longer feel the urge to even glance at my phone. Is this how it feels like to get over an addiction? For some reason, with my newfound sense of self, the world seems like a happier place. I don't even have the urge to throw random people's phones out the window when I see them using it.

Feeling determined, I volunteer to drive back to KL from Ipoh (it’s also so I don't feel bored in the car and you know, end up on my phone – better to be safe than sorry). The drive goes smoothly and it suddenly occurs to me that I've no idea what anyone's been doing for CNY since I've been off the grid.

We reach KL and I spend the rest of the day at my boyfriend's, the two of us both deciding to unplug. While he naps on the couch, I end up reading three cookbooks and an Ikea catalogue (I now really have the urge to bake Katie Quinn Davies' raspberry friands and buy some new throw pillows and redecorate my entire room). My boyfriend reminds me that my cleanse ends tonight and yet I just shrug it off. It's no big deal, I tell him.

A week ago when I started this cleanse, I thought I'd be desperately counting down the minutes until I could be on Facebook or Instagram again. Surprisingly enough, it turned midnight and I still didn't reach for my phone. Despite all the notifications glaring at me and a slight curiousity to just have a look again at Facebook, I actually think I enjoy being unplugged. Maybe I just won't use social media anymore (well, at least until a Kardashian does something crazy, then maybe I'll reconsider).

Biggest takeaway from my cleanse
Spending a week without social media taught me to really live in the moment and not through my phone. The week has been filled with good conversations, more observations and fewer phone-induced headaches. At first, cutting myself off social media was definitely difficult but once you get used to it, books, music, movies and actually talking to people are kind of better ways to spend your time than scrolling mindlessly through what's on your feed.

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