Social media cleanse diary: Day 4

The halfway mark is tougher than expected as our writer almost taps 'like' on a stranger's phone

By Lydia Chan | Published: 3 Mar 2017

No Facebook: Day 4
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Day 4
I'm at the halfway mark of my cleanse and have now stopped instinctively clicking on Instagram first thing in the morning. Progress. As the day goes on, I start to feel really good about myself. Yeah, I don't need to see another Snap of your dog again and who cares that I haven't seen a meme in days? At work, I'm also feeling super productive as I don't (well, technically can't) even wander onto Facebook during my free time (sorry to my editor if she's reading this).

However, just like a druggie has a trigger, mine usually comes when surrounded by people on their phones. As I'm stuck in a packed LRT on the way home from work, I end up smushed behind a guy who is scrolling through his Facebook newsfeed. Due to my awkward position, I literally have nowhere else to rest my eyes but on his phone screen. As I watch him scroll past a picture of a really pretty girl, I think to myself, she totally deserves a like! My fingers itched to just click 'like' but I withheld as I reminded myself, Lydia, you don't even know this person.

I meet up for dinner with my best friend, who gives me a confidence boost and reminds me how good this cleanse is for me. Once again, I'm back in my happy place – I can do this. While walking back to the car after dinner, we spot a snail on the ground, slowly creeping along. My first instinct was to Snapchat it and I could already imagine the Snap of the snail, with the tiny snail emojis surrounding it. Sadly, this cleanse is just ruining my Snapchat game.

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