Social media cleanse diary: Day 3

Things I missed today: Bella Hadid's nipples were out at the Dior Haute Couture after-party, and whatever Kim Kardashian has been up to

By Lydia Chan | Published: 2 Mar 2017

No Facebook: Day 3
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Day 3
Living the no-social-media life might be taking a slight toll on my physical wellbeing. I trip twice walking to lunch and this was while not looking down at my phone. Also, my abstinence means I'm receiving news slightly later than everyone else – apparently Bella Hadid's nipples were out at the Dior Haute Couture after-party?! I'm just hoping Kim Kardashian doesn't decide to do something scandalous while I'm not on Instagram.

I go out for dinner with my mum and perhaps the universe is taking pity on me because it turns out she had left her phone in the car. So there we were, both phoneless at the table (her actually phoneless, me with a phone that had no purpose – come on, we all know we only use it to view InstaStories) and it ends up being a really enjoyable time. We both finally have a conversation that's completely uninterrupted by buzzing phones and "don't eat yet, I need to Snap first" demands. As I am starting to feel pretty content, the universe throws me another bone and it starts pouring rain, so my mum and I just sit back and watch it fall. #qualitytime

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