Social media cleanse diary: Day 2

In which I snap at my boyfriend as he scrolls through Instagram

By Lydia Chan | Published: 1 Mar 2017

No Facebook: Day 2
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Day 2
Not staying up all night scrolling through Facebook meant I went to bed at a decent time last night and feel pretty good today. Also, I now carry a book with me wherever I go. Take that, Instagram! During lunch, my colleagues discuss some viral Facebook video and there is legitimate #FOMO on my behalf, but I persevere.

I accidentally click on Instagram after receiving a tag but instantly close it right after. For two seconds though, it felt good to see a happy-looking picture of my friend Jess. That's the face of someone who gets to use social media.

By nightfall, the optimism has died down and I start to become irritable. I reach for my book while waiting to  meet a friend at a coffee shop, and realise I've forgotten it. The next 35 minutes were hell. I resort to deathstaring the group at the table next to me, who are watching a TV series on full volume and going through Snapchat on their individual phones. I am equal parts annoyed and jealous and want to both tell them off for being inconsiderate but also ask if there are any new Snapchat filters I'm missing out on. 

While still pondering my next move, I snap angrily at my boyfriend as he scrolls through Instagram. This social media cleanse feels like I'm having nicotine withdrawals.

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