Plan a wedding in one year: a checklist

We can't promise you a stress-free wedding, but we can break down a year of planning for you

By Medina Azaldin | Published: 26 Apr 2017

Wedding checklist
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12 months
Start conceptualising your ideas, find your wedding planner if you need one and book a venue! The best ones go fast.

11 months
Do up your guest list. If you're planning a destination wedding or have out-of-town guests, get those Save the Dates out now.

10 months
Bite the bullet and book your photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, printer and decorator. Especially if you've got pelamin and hantaran to sort out. (Also see how to personalise your invites with calligraphy.)

9 months
If you're planning any DIY projects, start them.

8 months
If you're planning to start seeing a dermatologist, do it now.

7 months
Organise tailor visits and shopping trips with your bridesmaids for dresses and accessories. Prep them on their bridesmaid duties. (Opt for pants if you want something truly different.)

6 months
Start talking to your dressmaker. "It's not too far from the wedding, so your body won't change so much that you'll need too many alterations, and it's close enough that you'll know how much money you have to spend on the dress," advises designer Silas Liew. Start booking your hair and makeup too.

5 months
Send out invites.

4 months
Take a break from planning while still, technically, planning: do your food testing, suss out your favourite cakes, plan a wine-tasting afternoon.

3 months
Build some HIIT sessions into your workout routine to tone up and beat stress. Speaking of which, make sure all your paperwork is in order and book your marriage officiant.

2 months
Do a test run of hair and makeup. "(Remember) to take photographs with and without flash in natural and artificial light to make sure your skin looks great in all situations," says makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

1 month
Cut loose at your hen party, but remember to stay hydrated.

2 weeks
If you're planning on tanning, this is the best time to do a test run, according to Leagha McMahon of The London Orchid. Get your shade right now, then come back two days before the wedding for a reapplication.

1 week
Power through final dress fittings, rehearsals and last-minute RSVPs, and remember to double and triple check all bookings.

2 days
Nearly there! Take a breather and spend some time with your fiancé. Ellie Norman, who marathoned her way through four separate wedding events, said it best: "Learn to just let go."

This article first appeared in the March 2017 issue of ELLE Brides.

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