Malaysian schools to teach coding, starting next year

The Malaysian education system wants students to be makers of technology, rather than just users

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 19 Jul 2016

Coding in Malaysia
Photo: Columbia Pictures

Here's a reason for you to wish you were still in school. Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) CEO Datuk Yasmin Mahmood has announced that coding will be introduced to our country's national school syllabi starting next year. The subject will be taught as part of a computer science subject but will also be incorporated into science and mathematics classes.

"We will be launching this thing called the digital maker movement next month, where coding is embedded as an official curriculum in schools, starting from standard three onwards," Datuk Yasmin said. She also explained that the movement is an effort to urge students to "be makers of technology."

"It's been proven that coding, or computer science, is a very important driver towards higher thinking skills," she added. "It's very exciting because we will be one of the first few countries that will be doing this officially." More details are expected to be revealed next month.

The announcement follows the partnership that was struck between Microsoft Malaysia and the Prisons Department earlier this month, which aims to educate juvenile inmates on basic computer programmes. 

Meanwhile, the rest of us old folks be like...

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