How I do it: Sazzy Falak

The actress and fashion designer shows plenty of discipline in her work but still makes time for herself and her family. Here's how she does it

By ELLE Malaysia | Published: 30 Aug 2016

HIDI: Sazzy Falak
Sazzy at KLFWRTW2016 (Photo: Sazzy Falak; All Is Amazing)

Who are you and what do you do?
I am Angelina Jolie, and I act in films in Hollywood – no actually I'm Sazzy Falak, I'm a wife, a mum, an actress, TV host and fashionpreneur.

I wake up at two times, one is 7am, which is when my kids want their milk, and another – if I don't have any work engagements – is at 9am. If there's work, I adjust my wake-up time accordingly. I usually sleep about six hours a day on average.

First thing I do when I wake up is to have one litre of water, which I mix with apple cider, vinegar, and lemon, and occasionally with raw, unblended honey. Then I make sure I have a healthy breakfast: salad, scrambled eggs, and avocado with salmon.

Photo: Sazzy Falak

I'm a very jeans and monochrome kind of person, with a splash of prints. But because of my usual appearances and work, I wear anything that suits my style; people always say I'm pretty bohemian! I always have about four to five colours of different lipsticks in my bag. Handphone. A pen. A pair of sunnies. Mints. And some random accessories like a pair of earrings and a necklace. And a small bottle of perfume.

Morning: I wash my face with Clinique mild cleanser, brush my teeth, gargle with mouthwash, and put on my toner, eye cream, serum, and moisturiser; currently I'm using La Prairie.

Night: I wash off my makeup with Shu Uemura oil cleanser, and then the usual toner, serum, eye cream, and moisturiser. And about once a week I use a hydrating mask. My beauty cheat is a bold-coloured lipstick. I never leave home without my mascara or lipstick.

Photo: Clinique; Shu Uemura; La Prairie; Nars

Breakfast is salad, scrambled eggs, and avocado with salmon. Lunch is usually either grilled salmon or grilled fish with salad; my favourite is homemade avocado salad. Dinner is the same, but when I go out with my friends or husband, I indulge a little bit. I don't really eat snacks but I'm a big coffee drinker. I'm a pescatarian, and my cheat food is Indomie. Shh…don't tell anyone.

Photo: Sazzy Falak

Morning: First thing I do is to answer all my WhatsApp messages, emails, and get things going in the office before I hit the gym. Also I liaise with my manager on all the jobs that have been coming in. I'm a talent under Paranormal Talents, so my manager is Jee, and he handles my schedule as a whole, from hosting, acting, emceeing, appearances and such, and of course then I have my team from SFKL.

At the gym (Photo: Sazzy Falak)

Usually before I go to the office, I go to the gym for about an hour, doing cardio and weights, then I go home, send my kids to school, have lunch, shower, and then go to the office. I saunter into the office at lunch hour, and I work full-force till evening. Some days I stay till 6pm; sometimes I leave with my staff at 7 or 8. Cause I don't like being alone, it's kinda scary.

My greatest joys are sending and picking my kids up from school; my challenge is having to fit in all the crazy demands into one day, because I have a full-on career in the entertainment line, and still have a company to run. My team from SFKL are a bunch of amazing and talented people who have managed to also understand my schedule and work around it.

Photo: Sazzy Falak

It depends on where I leave for home from; office or venue. I hug and kiss my kids when I get home and listen to them yak for about half an hour. They seem to have this need to tell me about their day, which is the best thing in the world, and then I call my husband to find out where he is and tell him to come home for dinner.

With husband Nazril Idrus and their two daughters, Tiara and Iman at Port Dickson (Photo: Sazzy Falak)

After dinner I spend time with my kids going through their homework, and if we have time, we watch TV together before I bring them upstairs to bed and read them a storybook, or have them read Peter and Jane, which they're doing really well at! After that I will just go on my laptop and edit some videos for my vlog. I usually sleep really late. I work until really late sometimes to get inspiration for my brand. I am a creative person therefore I don't sleep very early…sometimes I sleep as late as 2am. I do have trouble sleeping and to help with that I either drink chamomile tea, or just stay off the phone and read books.

The best lesson I've ever learned on the job
Regardless of payment, always give 110% to your clients.

How I overcome professional setbacks
I don't react; I stop and think for the whole night/day, I let it sink in and think of the best way to overcome the challenge.

My secret to productivity
Go for as many holidays as you can! I realise I do need time off occasionally, cause I'm in the creative industry, so I need to go somewhere and get inspired. That is my solution for myself. I think a lot of creative people would agree.

On holiday at Redang (Photo: Sazzy Falak)

The best career advice anyone has ever given me
My father said to me when I first started in the entertainment industry; "If you already have an opportunity like this, stick with it and work on branding so that in future, whatever you want to do will sell."

My advice to those aspiring to do what I do
Perseverance is key. There are days where I feel like dropping everything and running away, but you gotta just stick with it and push on.

My perfect holiday: Something that's filled with sporting activities: diving or skiing!

My perfect day off: Going out with the kids and hubby! My favourite thing to do. Or going to see my parents.

My perfect night out: A nice dinner with either my husband or my friends, or watching a live jazz band at Alexis or No Black Tie.

Diving in Redang (Photo: Sazzy Falak)

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