Welcome to the biggest issue of the year! Our September issue is all about the fashion that we'll be wearing, coveting and discussing over the next season, with in-depth looks at the trends and interviews with the designers who created it. On the cover is one of fashion's favourite women, reclusive star Kristen Stewart, who finally, finally may have accepted her space in the spotlight. She talks to us about living her life under a microscope, being able to pursue the work that fulfils her and finding stability in love.

The season's fashion is all about maximum impact - glitter, brights, textures, everything. We break down the biggest trends from the runway and help you plan your next big shoe (or bag) purchase. Hint: it's going to be highly decorative. Major favourites: menswear-inspired tailoring, velvet drama and big, frilly ruffles. Minimalists need not apply. The design minds behind Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo and more tell us all about how this season's looks came about. Then we take a magnifying glass to the modelling world; is Instagram helping or hindering the industry?

In beauty, we get celebrity favourite Adam Reed to show us some tricks from his hairstyling book. We've also put together the biggest beauty trends from the runway, where it was a battle between high shine glitter and low-key no-makeup looks. We also had a sneaky rifle through Alexa Chung's beauty closet and finally found out exactly how she does her hair. Plus, Kat Von D tells us all about the making of her beauty line, now available in Malaysia!

There's more. How to combat anxiety attacks, what the future of anti-ageing looks like (lab-grown skin!), Marrakesh's most beautiful hotels, a chat with Tun Dr Siti Hasmah... read it all in the new issue. You'll love it, we promise.

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