Hello, summer! We couldn't be more excited for sunshine and adventure. This issue is all about travel: where to go, how to get there, what to pack and how to look great doing it all. Which ties in perfectly with our cover star, Korean pop anti-princess CL. The singer has spent her life jetting between countries, and now has her sights set on conquering America. She tells us how she plans to do it all.

Then it's off to Miami, where we channel the colours of Cuba and discover the warmth and vibrancy of Little Havana. We take our favourite silvers to the beach, and then dress up the swimsuits that deserve to be worn beyond the pool. Plus, no matter where you're going, we've got the stylish holiday wardrobe to fit. One word: sandals. Okay, two more: floaty tops.

We also drop by Korea because, of course, CL. Korean girls have got their beauty on lock; we break down the trends for you, as well as work out exactly how to make that famously long skincare regimen work for you. Oh, and ever wanted to know what Behati Prinsloo uses on her gorgeous face? Got the inside scoop for you. And a sneak peek inside the ELLE editors' travel makeup bags, so that long-haul flight will be a little less painful.

Then there's the travel: 50 places you need to put on your bucketlist, Iceland's most beautiful sights, new hotels to check into, and the lowdown on how to beat jetlag, once and for all. See you at the boarding gate!

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