This month we're thrilled to have the beautiful Bella Hadid on our cover to mark our body issue. It would be easy to hate Bella for having it all – at just 19, she's already one of the most popular models, has a rock star boyfriend and an incredibly supportive family – but after you read our interview, you'll love her just as much as we do. (Spoiler: she's actually very shy.)

For our body issue, we've looked at all aspects of a beautiful body: the exercises that will get you toned, the products that will lift and define, the food that will keep you nourished and strong. And even the makeup that will help you cheat that post-gym flush when you haven't managed to get out of bed in time to hit the treadmill. We also explored the thorny side of body issues, speaking to leading plus-size model Ashley Graham about her journey to self acceptance and the lessons she's learned along the way. Plus, selfies: sheer narcissism or a cure for body dysmorphia?

In fashion, we're making the most of that transitional season, Pre-fall, and celebrating volume, new lengths and great proportions. On the other side of the world, we nodded to fashion's bohemian love affair with romantic ruffles, pearls and prints on a trip to the seaside, while hot new Malaysian stars Juliana Evans and Syed Adil take on Louis Vuitton's new exotics. And this month's surprise winners? Polo shirts, hoodies and luxe sneakers. Trust us, it works.

If you're itching for a holiday, we've explored the corners of the globe – Japan's most magical mountain, a beautiful city retreat in Bangkok and the perfect villa in the Caribbean islands. See you there.

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