Pomelo Lennie striped bow tie culottes

The pair of culottes that are guaranteed to elevate your outfit

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 5 Feb 2017

Lennie culottes
Photo: Pomelo Fashion

Pomelo Lennie striped bow tie culottes, approx. RM93

Sometimes I can't be bothered to dress up for work (sorry, boss) and culottes are the perfect outfit elevators for days when I'm really not feeling it. I have only one pair right now and it takes all the effort I can muster to not wear it to work every single day.

So of course, when I saw this pair on Singaporean label Pomelo's website, it was an instant must-have item. The bright mustard yellow and white stripes will make for a colourful (and retro) addition to my wardrobe of dark hues and I won't have to worry about wearing out my only pair of culottes anymore.


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