Zendaya wears Vivienne Westwood in new fashion film

The singer's track 'Close Up' accompanies the film, which was directed by Rankin

By Andrea Tim | Published: 13 Nov 2015

Video: Hunger TV

Zendaya continues to grow away from her Disney child star image, and now she's wowed us with a stunning fashion film in which she wears Vivienne Westwood. The film was directed by British fashion photographer Rankin for Hunger magazine.

The 19-year-old's song Close Up is the soundtrack of the bewitching video, which has her doing interpretive dance moves. As she splashes around in water, looking every bit like the fashion trailblazer she is, we find ourselves looking forward to seeing her climb the ladder to superstardom. Even so, she remains down-to-earth and tries to be as original as she can.

"I don't necessarily want to make what's already on the radio, or what every young girl my age is doing", Zendaya told Hunger. "I want longevity, and if you want a long career, you have to be happy with yourself so you don't go crazy, and the only way to do that is to be yourself."

Watch her get ready for her close up in the film's teaser clip above. If and until the video gets taken down, you can also watch the full video on YouTube.

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