Zara is making fast fashion even better

The retail company's new tagging system will improve restocking and maximise sales

By Andrea Tim | Published: 17 Jul 2014

Zara is even faster
Photo: Zara

Praise the powers that be; Zara is going to up its fast fashion production with a new inventory system that will make the process of restocking items more efficient.

A microprocessor-based tagging system will track items from when they get shipped to stores up to when they are sold. The tags feature a radio frequency identification system that will alert Zara's inventory squad when a certain popular garment is about to run out of stock. Quick and consistent supply will in turn help maximise sales.

Sounds very technical, but the results for us humble shoppers are easy enough to understand: we'll almost never have to deal with not finding our desired item and size at the store or online.

Inditex, Zara's parent company will implement this innovative system at the rate of five hundred more stores a year, so it's only time before we enjoy even faster fashion in Malaysia.


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