Wikileaks to launch its own clothing brand

How would you like T-shirts and sweatshirts decorated with Julian Assange's visage?

By Andrea Tim | Published: 13 Oct 2014

Wikileaks in fashion
Photo: Hannah Peters/Getty Images

Wikileaks is taking over the world, T-shirt by T-shirt, and they're eyeing India to help spread the brand. Partnering with Franchisee India, the whistle-blowing website plans to produce merchandise ranging from apparel to accessories, hitting both brick and mortar retailers, and e-commerce channels.

There is already an official Wikileaks store, but founder Julian Assange intends to take the effort to a whole new level (a la Che Guevara, maybe?). Times of India reported that taglines like 'Leaks exposing injustice' and 'Enemy of the state' are examples of what will grace the merchandise.

With deals spread all over the world to include France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, seeing Julian's fair-haired mien splashed across rows and rows of shirts and tote bags isn't a far-off future.


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