6 new things we learned about G-Eazy

The rapper talked about his new collaboration with H&M, his signature style and career aspirations

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 15 Dec 2017

H&M x G-Eazy
Photo: H&M

Rapper G-Eazy is steadily making a name for himself. He's performed at sold out shows around the world, charmed the socks off Malaysians at the 2017 Good Vibes Festival and is currently dating fellow artist Halsey. He's also just released a new album, The Beautiful & Damned and announced a new collaboration with Swedish retailer H&M.

"I was really honoured that they'd be interested in working with me," G-Eazy said in an interview with H&M. "I loved what they did with The Weeknd. I love what they've built with the brand as a whole, but particularly their collaborations with other artists and fashion houses: I just think they represent a very tasteful approach to fashion at an affordable mass-level, and I really respect it."

Here are five interesting facts we learned about the California-born producer from the same interview.

He used to dress up as Batman as a kid
"When I was a kid, I dressed up as Batman almost every single day. When I was growing up as a teenager, the clothes were a lot baggier then, and I cringe when I see some of the pictures, but those were the times. I was always in tune with whatever inspired me at that time."

His signature style is 'risky'
"I've always preferred to express myself and take risks as opposed to playing it safe and being behind and being uncomfortable because of that. I've always wanted to feel comfortable in my own skin and feel comfortable in whatever I wear."

His favourite hip hop song about fashion
"I like the one I did with Wale (Fashion Week). He's had such an influence on me, and he's a friend. I also think he has great style and a fantastic sneaker collection. And if a sneaker collection impresses me, it has to be pretty good. He has over 250 pairs of shoes."

He wants to act
"I would love to do more in the fashion space, but I'd really like to act. I made a short film to accompany my album, to kind of just visually explain the concept of what I wanted to say on the record. I had a really good experience, being on camera, practising my lines, doing something new that was challenging. It's exciting."

He'd like to be Phil Collins
"If I could be him, I'd do it."

How he finds inspiration
"I wake up with ideas, and then I'm just restless. I want to put them on paper. I take notes all the time. But I just need to be somewhere relaxed where I can catch a vibe. Ideas aren't like push-ups. Sometimes they come but sometimes they don't. You can't just try to think harder. I take it as it comes."

The H&M x G-Eazy collection arrives online on 1 March 2018.

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