We take Christian Louboutin's new photo filter app for a spin

Louboutinize is bent on giving you the strangest filters ever

By Andrea Tim | Published: 11 Aug 2015

Louboutin photo app
Photo: Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is changing the photo filter game with his own app, Louboutinize, a made-up verb that apparently means "to impart the joyous spirit of Christian Louboutin."

There are three unique filters currently available on the free app (get it on iTunes): Rouge, Legs and Crystallize. There is a fourth "no filter" option in case you didn't want in on any of the quirkiness of the first three but still wanted to take your photos in the app anyway.

We wasted no time testing them out. Rouge turned one of our desks blood red; this feature seems to be the most popular by far. Meanwhile, Crystallize made the Petronas Twin Towers look warped.

Rouge and Crystallize (Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

The star feature of the app, we have to say, is the Legs filter. Six leg templates let you pose or direct a friend for a hilarious shot. With a fancy "zing" sound, the app lets you know that your photos taken on the app are ready to be shared on social media. WWD adds that the footwear brand plans to add filters once every one or two months.

Legs filters (Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

And there you have it, the joyous spirit of Christian Louboutin. Hopefully, the next filters that are introduced will photoshop Louboutin heels onto your feet.

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