Watch Kenzo's short film 'Here Now' by Gregg Araki

And see the wasted cheeseburger at 0:20

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 6 Jul 2015

Video: Kenzo

French luxury label Kenzo has tapped Gregg Araki to direct a short film called Here Now featuring Avan Jogia, Grace Victoria Cox, Jacob Artist, Jane Levy and Jake Weary. The five young talents wear Kenzo's Autumn Winter 2015 collection.

The plot focuses on the connection between the five characters as they cross paths in a diner. Here Now is similar to Gregg's 1997 film Nowhere and is the first fashion film that he has ever directed.

"I've never done something like this. I don't know a lot about fashion," said Gregg. "But I checked out the collection and it was really cool and I could see how it fit with the sort of world of Nowhere."

Kenzo creative heads Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have been fans of Gregg since they were teenagers so their choice was somewhat imminent.

"Carol and I are huge movie buffs and for me, Gregg is, like, up there with best of the best," said Humberto. "We always kind of give people different entry points into the brand, and I think it's exciting that some kid in the middle of nowhere is a Gregg Araki fan and is going to watch this, and I think that it's interesting, because then he or she might say, 'Oh, what is Kenzo?'"

Here Now wastes no time delivering wackiness at a rapid pace; people are throwing cheeseburgers one moment and snogging violently the next, before an optimistic, super cool nun shows up. There's no way you'll only watch this once.

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