Parisian attitude has peaked with Caroline de Maigret

You'll never be as Parisian as the Chanel Gabrielle bag ambassador

By Andrea Tim | Published: 17 Apr 2017

Video: Chanel

You can forget about trying to be Parisian; you will never be as Parisian as Caroline de Maigret. For one, if you don't live in Paris, you're already out. But let's assume you follow the book How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are, the book she co-wrote, to a tee. Assume that you've nailed the clothes (ripped boyfriend jeans, jacket, Chanel's Gabrielle bag), the hair (fringe in your eyes), makeup (eyeliner that looks like you only took 10 seconds to draw it) and home (if it's not an apartment with a view, it's not Paris).

Unfortunately, you're still not Caroline de Maigret.

The model and author's Parisian sensibility has now been immortalised in the latest video for Chanel's Gabrielle bag, which is directed by Olivier Assayas (who helmed Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper). It is the best thing you'll watch today, unless Chanel decides to release a video starring some Parisian puppies.

Photo: Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel

Somewhere, Pharrell Williams is wondering if his video should've gone first. But we're still excited to see what the first man to front a Chanel bag campaign has up his sleeve.

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