Tsyahmi trailer: The Immortal's Last Sigh

Fostering a creative collaboration in fashion and film, the Tsyahmi Group and Entropy Studios will be releasing a short film entitled 'The Immortal's Last Sigh'

By Shahrezzan Ezani | Published: 25 Jun 2015

Video: ELLE Malaysia

Starring model and actress Shir Chong and newcomer Ungku Nazrin Hakim, and directed by Emir Ezwan, the short film tells the dramatic fantasy of two immortal wanderers named Assassin and Hunter, who set out to kill each other. Their encounters extend over centuries because although each aims to kill their opponent, they begin to have feelings of affection towards each other.

The Immortal's Last Sigh is a feast of sight and sound, written to play like a classical music piece in suite form with a prelude, overture, interlude, finale and epilogue. Tsyahmi's 'Srikandi' Eid 2015 collection becomes the focus for the film's costumes, with each piece styled to exhibit finesse and versatility.

The Immortal's Last Sigh will premiere exclusively on at the end of July 2015.


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