The fabulous Mango for T by Alexander Wang

Chris Kattan reprises his Saturday Night Live character in Alexander Wang's campaign film

By Andrea Tim | Published: 4 Jun 2014

Video: Alexander Wang

Remember last year's Spring campaign video from T by Alexander Wang? The designer is back again with another funny film for his diffusion line and apparently, he was the only person able to pull Mango out of his Fortress of Mangohood in the Arctic to star in it.

According to Mango, "It was like getting slapped in the face with a giant wang."

The film marks Chris Kattan's famous Saturday Night Live character Mango's showbiz comeback. Clad in a T by Alexander Wang sports bra, Mango battles for the limelight with rapper Sharaya J, with no less sass and makeup than before.

Lessons learned from the film:
1. Mango is always a star. (1:06)
2. Mango always, always makes an entrance. (0:22)
3. Mango likes his coffee done with Chris Hemsworth foam art on top. (2:09)
4. On that note, never make coffee that tastes like Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey for Mango.
5. Being Da Mango is comparable to being a rainbow or flower. Because, fabulous. (3:50)

Such is Mango. And here he is with Alexander Wang himself at the CFDA Fashion Awards on 2 June.


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