How you pronounce 'Zara' is wrong

If you've been saying 'zah-rah', you need to read this

By Andrea Tim | Published: 29 Jan 2016

Can you say 'Zara'?
Photo: Zara

Zara is not pronounced zah-rah. It is in fact pronounced dzah-dah. Take the 'dz' as a lisp-like 'th' and make the second 'd' a little softer than how you'd pronounce the letter in 'dog,' and you've got yourself something you can teach anyone who will listen.

Watch this video by Refinery29, who's just set the record straight with the Zara team in Spain.


I think I nailed it.

A video posted by RACHEL BESSER (@rachelbesser) on

April Fools' Day is too far away for us to suspect that this is a joke, but if you consider that Zara is a Spanish brand, the correct way to pronounce the name isn't that surprising.

Never mind most of us just had our minds blown to bits. (Our lives are a lie. What is life? Anyone else want to tell us how we've been pronouncing brand names wrong? Take a number while we digest dzah-dah.)

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