The One Thing Kate Moss Won’t Wear

The supermodel speaks out about the one trend she will never wear

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 8 Apr 2014

What Kate Won't Wear
Photo: Getty Images

Supermodels, they have body hang-ups too. Kate Moss said in a recent interview that the one thing she won’t wear is a mid-calf length skirt. She’d been asked what rules she had for dressing, and she answered, "No rules, apart from heels, and I never do mid-calf. I've got bow legs. I can't."

Kate has spoken of her no-mid-calf rule before, saying she’s taken scissors to many a designer dress and coat to make it the right length. So much so that her daughter Lila once pleaded with her to stop. "I cut up loads. I always want everything shorter, shorter, shorter. Lila had to stop me the other day, cutting a dress up. 'Mummy, don’t cut it. It looks really nice like that.'” Bless.


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