The Balmain x H&M aftermath

As expected, it was wild and not without a little drama

By Andrea Tim | Published: 5 Nov 2015

At Balmain x H&M
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

It's all over now, and it was well worth it for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College student Jarron Thong, who queued two days before the release of Balmain x H&M at Avenue K. The air was thick with anticipation throughout the wait, with no less than two arguments that broke out (more on that later).

Jarron's strategy was simple: grab everything.

"The atmosphere was crazy," he told us, exhausted, after his 10-minute spree. "I was so nervous. I was very scared. I just took everything! I grabbed two pieces per item, because I needed to determine the best size."

"I got everything I wanted and I'm so happy!" the 19-year-old Kelantan native added, unable to wipe the grin off his face as he showed us the knitted jumper, two hooded jackets and two plain T-shirts he purchased. "I wanted the jumpsuit at first, but changed my mind. I wish I managed to grab a white tee, though."

Jarron Thong and his precious Balmain x H&M haul (Photo: ELLE Malaysia)

Future H&M designer collaboration shoppers should heed Jarron's advice.

1. Planning ahead
"Do some research on the collection, so you know what you want."

2. Stocking up on supplies
"Bring more food and water! Bring a mattress if you can, or at least a chair."

3. Queuing
"Queue early. I came here at 5pm on Tuesday and I thought I was already late, but surprisingly, I was first. So I guess I got lucky. Next year, I can't say it will be the same."

Other things to keep in mind: respect the queue and heed H&M's policy about non-transferrable wristbands. There was at least one (failed) attempt to sneak a few friends into the snaking queue, and another with a hopeful shopper who arrived too late to replace her stand-in before wristbands were given out. According to a few people in the line, she had tried to just take the wristband from her stand-in, but the crowd was not happy and demanded that the (again, non-transferrable) wristband be taken from her. We got there in time to hear angry shoppers shout "Double standards!" while a woman chanted "Take off the tag!" before the chaos died down, and the girl supposedly left the queue.

The dishonest are no match for the passionate shoppers of Malaysia. Until the next H&M collab, then.

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