September 2017 issue editor's letter

Marion Caunter stars on the cover of ELLE Malaysia's September issue

By Kate Guest | Published: 21 Aug 2017

Sep 2017 ed's letter
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

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Autumn/Winter 2017 was one of the most compelling seasons in recent memory, and in some ways we have Donald Trump to thank for it. Time and again on the runways it became clear that it wasn't only American designers who were feeling angry and distraught over the election of a US president whose thinking and behaviour is neanderthal, at best, and who spends large amounts of his presidential time slinging arrows at groups of people who already face daily discrimination: women, homosexuals, transgender people. Fashion is largely run by these people, so it's no surprise the attacks felt personal.

On the upside, from anger came beauty. With angst in the air and uncertainty swirling all around, designers gave us something hopeful, a point of light to focus on. And they didn't shy away from making political statements, whether on a T-shirt, a hat, or in their show notes. Fashion engaged. As we all must. Fashion may not be art – as Karl Lagerfeld likes to say, he is a dressmaker, not an artist – but at its best it is motivated by something other than the need to sell. If Donald Trump provided that motivation this season, then at least we have one thing to thank him for. You can find our edit of A/W 2017's biggest moments, talking points and trends on page 76.

Doing something for the first time can be thrilling or terrifying, and in the case of our collector's edition cover this month, it was a little bit of both. Shooting one cover is challenging enough, but five? With a cover star who messaged us on the way to the shoot to warn us that she was down with a virus? I needn't have worried though, because although Marion Caunter arrived looking a little wan she showed up. She sat perfectly still for five shots, danced around for three more while five different people barked instructions, and then let us grill her for all her style and beauty advice. We couldn't have found anyone better to wear five of Autumn/Winter's most beautiful makeup looks from Chanel, created by the amazing makeup artist KF Bong and hair stylist Ckay Liow, and shot by the legendary Steve Koh. I hope you love the results as much as I do, and have fun mixing and matching the looks before you try them out on yourself.

There's lots more new fashion and beauty to discover and play with inside this issue. Have fun with it. And stay engaged.


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