September 2016 issue editor's letter

Actress Kristen Stewart stars on the cover of ELLE Malaysia's September 2016 issue

By Kate Guest | Published: 23 Aug 2016

Sep 2016 issue
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Welcome to the September issue, my favourite of the year. September is a little like the start of the new school term, but instead of booklists and those clunky black lace-ups that gave you blisters, you get shopping lists and any kind of shoe you like (you'll probably still get the blisters).

Inside this issue you'll find ELLE's edit of the new Autumn/Winter season's key fashion and beauty trends, and ideas on how to wear them. This was one of the tougher runway reports we've compiled, because the season is just so full of covetable pieces, for every kind of woman. My favourites? The suits at Gucci, the patterned eyelids at Chanel, the shoes at Fendi, the lips at Marni, the lace at Alexander McQueen, the everything at Prada… like I said, there's a lot to love. On the other hand, if you're stuck in a one-way kind of deal, turn immediately to our fascinating exploration of the science behind unrequited love (the world's most relatable problem? Probably).

I guess you could call my relationship with Botox and other invasive beauty procedures an unrequited love. I am endlessly fascinated by the technology advances that are so rapidly changing the beauty industry, but so far I've been too chicken/haven't clarified my feminist thoughts on the matter to try anything beyond a laser peel. In 'Beyond Botox ' we give you a compelling glimpse beyond the horizon at what's in store in the world of aesthetic medicine. Antiageing pills? On the way. Wearable film that you apply to your face to cover wrinkles? It could be here next year. (But you try it first and tell me how it goes.) Also this issue we have interviews with Michael Kors, Stella McCartney and Kat Von D, we recreate runway hairstyles with Adam Reed of Percy & Reed, and we spend a luxurious few days in incredible Marrakesh. Ready to dive in? Me too.


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