It's hard to walk in heels, but Saint Laurent says try them with wheels

Nope, Saint Laurent isn't kidding, and neither is fashion

By Andrea Tim | Published: 4 Aug 2017

Roller skate heels
Photo: Saint Laurent

Today on Things That Want To Kill Us are these Saint Laurent roller skate heels from the Pre-Fall collection. You probably noticed them first in the AW17 campaign and thought, like us, that they were just eye-catching props for a campaign.

We were wrong. They are real shoes you can buy. Only attempt if you're already skilled at walking in high heels and roller-skating. Think of all the *entrances* you'll make at events. Bring out to use when rushing from one fashion week venue to the next (who needs Uber?).

The stilettos won't be available in Malaysia, but Hong Kong will soon have them in stores (they're approximately RM8,560 if you're making any plans).

Photo: Saint Laurent
Photo: Saint Laurent

Fortunately, with consideration for the faint-hearted, Saint Laurent made wheel-less versions of the killer (ha!) heels, like the one below.

Photo: Saint Laurent

BRB, just going to go practice cartwheeling in heels (probably still easier than roller skate stilettos).


You can be a lady and an athlete 😛

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RIP, feet.

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