Rizman Ruzaini responds to Miss Universe Malaysia costume criticism

Miss Universe Malaysia Kiran Jassal also weighs in on the costume

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 17 Jan 2017

About that costume
Photo: rizmanruzaini/Instagram

When Malaysian designers Rizman Ruzaini revealed the national costume to be worn by Kiran Jassal, our reigning Miss Universe Malaysia, it received a lot of mixed reviews. Some loved it while others made it clear that they didn't. Now the designers have finally responded – and they're very philosophical about the fuss. 

"As designers, criticism and comments are our bread and butter," Rizman bin Nordin and Wan Ruzaini told ELLE. "For the national costume, we've received mixed reviews. Most of it is negative feedback coming from Malaysian netizens. We don't take this personally because we just think that maybe they don't know the exact idea and concept for the national costume."

"Thanks to them, the costume has become viral and it's been the talk of the town ever since we revealed it. It's a good thing because people are suddenly paying attention to what we do and we just want to put Malaysia in the spotlight with this opportunity," they added.

Although the costume looked extremely intricate and detailed, Rizman Ruzaini admitted that it only took them two months and eight people to help them complete it. Within that time frame, they strived to make their vision wearable and practical enough for Kiran to wear. And Kiran is absolutely in love with it.

"I was amazed and mesmerised. I couldn't believe it," Kiran said of the moment when she first saw it. "It exceeded all expectations! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to carry the pride of the country on my shoulders."

"It's truly an honour being able to wear Rizman Ruzaini's creations on the world stage," Kiran added. "I can't thank them enough for being so supportive towards my journey. Elaine [Daly], of course had a big role to play in making all of this a success too. I can't wait to make everyone proud!"

Good luck, Kiran!

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