Olivier Rousteing talks about diversity in the fashion industry

He also opens up about why Kim Kardashian is his ultimate muse

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 6 Oct 2015

Olivier talks
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You've seen the shows and you love the campaign (so do we!) and now it's time to get to know the brilliant mind behind all that. Creative Director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing opened up about what he thought about diversity in the fashion world in a recent piece for CNN Style.

"When the press announced that I was the new creative director for Balmain the thing that was most shocking for a lot of people was not my age (I was 26 at the time) but my colour, and that really surprised me," said Olivier. "Suddenly there was all these stories about me being the first black designer in a luxury, heritage fashion house."

"I have the chance to express way more than that: my vision of the world and diversity. It's always been part of my life, part of my blood, but it's a topic that you can really express when you've grown up and you know who you are," he added.

That will explain why his #BalmainNation features so many different women from different backgrounds. According to Olivier, their differences are what he wants to express in his shows. But one person in particular inspired him the most.



"I chose them [muses] because they are contemporary, they are part of this new world," said Olivier. "For example, Kim Kardashian. She's my friend, she's a woman that I love for different reasons. First, I think she's powerful, she's representing the new world and she represents the new family: Kim, Kanye, North."

"I also think she's pushing boundaries when it comes to the female form. I love dressing her, she's a different body type to the models on my catwalk," he said. "I love to see different body shapes, different girls, different personalities and different backgrounds --- she's part of my world." 

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