Off-White designer Virgil Abloh is redesigning the Ikea Frakta bag

"I'm not content to make another chair," Abloh said about the collaboration that will include furniture

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 8 Jun 2017

Abloh for Ikea
Photo: hypebeaststyle/Instagram

Ikea's been having a hell of a year, and in a good way.

First, Balenciaga re-imagined its blue sustainable large shopper bag, the Frakta, then versions of the bag popped up as shoes, caps and other accessories. Now, the furniture giant has tapped Off-White designer Virgil Abloh to give said bag a fresh update. Sorry, Kanye West.

Abloh was a graduate in architecture and this won't be his first time dabbling in furniture design; he unveiled a furniture collection at Art Basel last year. Clearly, Ikea has enlisted the best person for this collaboration that will involve more than just a bag makeover.

"Ikea provides a landscape – fertile soil for new ideas and concepts," Abloh said. "My duty then, is to provide something provocative. Given how tremendous this opportunity is, I'm not content to make another chair."

"We're looking at that first phase of adult life, when you start making purchases for your space," Abloh added. "Largely people grow up in their parents' environment. They've never had to consider furniture. Then when they're off on their own and have their own aesthetic, what are their first purchases? I'm interested in thinking about how those purchases are informed."


ex-architecture student meets "pattern making" @ikeatoday

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No other details or launch dates have been announced yet, but we already know enough to be excited! Watch Abloh and Ikea's head of design Marcus Engman discuss the project at Democratic Design Day in Sweden from the 19-minute mark.

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