November 2016 editor's letter

Model Helena Christensen stars on the cover of ELLE Malaysia's November 2016 issue

By Kate Guest | Published: 25 Oct 2016

Nov 2016 issue

"Just relax!" is probably the second most annoying thing anyone can say to you (the first is "smile!"), but that's exactly what we're asking you to do this month. However, let's be clear – we don't mean it in the way an interfering family member might mean it. We want you to relax in your own time, and we've got some gentle wardrobe, beauty, wellbeing and travel suggestions to help you do it.

As we careen into the end-of-year madness, having a social life can feel less like fun and more like an obligation, so I hope you can schedule a little time to do nothing at all. If that means a spa night at home, we've got sublime oils, diffusers (page 34) and masks (page 88) that are just the ticket.

If staying in is the new going out, then dressing like you're staying in is the new dressing up. Languid silk slips (page 46) and fuss-free slides (page 47) feel so right, right now. My idea of chilling out involves staying home with a Negroni (recipe on page 112) and a good book (there are some beautiful ones from Chanel and Louis Vuitton on page 74), followed by a great night's sleep (page 72). It sounds like Zayn Malik agrees; read our interview with the beautiful one on page 68 and you'll understand why this surprising introvert could never be happy in the world's biggest boyband.

Travel is another favourite way to unwind – but it has to be slow travel, not the kind that involves a mad rush to the airport at some ungodly hour. For a truly blissful holiday, you can't beat a luxury sleeper train (with a few well-timed stops along the way to relieve cabin fever). We've rounded up five of the world's most decadent and scenic train journeys on page 108.

Our cover star this month has always struck me as the kind of woman who knows what matters in life. She's a bohemian who has built a career as a photographer with an eye for both the romantic and the real, and I'm beyond thrilled that we had the opportunity to photograph my favourite Original Supermodel (yes, capitals warranted), Helena Christensen, for our cover this month.

I hope this issue helps you find your bliss. And if you can't find it, take it. I'm writing this the day after deadline with a scented candle burning serenely on my desk. Smoke alarms be damned.


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