Monki turns 10 with 10 statements

The Swedish fashion label celebrates its 10th birthday with a big dose of feminism and empowerment

By Mei Jing Goh | Published: 23 Sep 2016

Monki's #monkifesto
Photo: Monki

Monki's latest campaign, #monkifesto, is perhaps one of the most empowering and meaningful campaigns of the year. It aims to encourage women to be themselves and inspire them to be independent without caring about what other people think of them.

With that in mind, Monki chose a group of women to make 10 statements on issues that hinder women from achieving their goals or make them feel ashamed of themselves. We chose three of our favourite statements, which we're sure you can definitely relate to.

Be a Drama Queen with female film collective Sorta Kinda Maybe Yeah
This statement is about women speaking their mind at whatever volume of they choose. Women shouldn't have to reinforce the age-old stereotype of 'being a lady': subdued, pleasing, quiet and docile. Why should we when we are equally as human as our presumably boisterous male counterparts?

Cut the Norm with blogger Flora Wiström
You guessed it, the message here is about the unfair standards of beauty women are subjected to. There is no law that says that women should shave or be size zeros, yet scrutinising and body-shaming is second nature to many, including women. *Gasp*. If these expectations are cultural and social norms created by people, it's safe to assume that we also have the power to remove the negativity. Monki and Flora says groom yourselves whenever and however you like, and not because society pressures you to.

Knowledge is Queen with Look At Me editor-in-chief Rita Popova
There is no glass ceiling if we don't believe in it. Being female doesn't mean that we have to dumb ourselves down to be likeable or think that we can't be CEOs, because we're women. We just have to own our womanhood and know that it is not a hindrance to success nor does it determine what we are capable of.

So, what are you waiting for, ladies? Take a stand for yourselves and, more importantly, for each other. More information on Monki's campaign (including the other seven statements) can be found here. The brand's 10th anniversary collection is now available in stores.

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