Malaika Firth jumps rope in Dior's new Fusion high-top sneakers

Jean-Baptiste Mondino directs the short film

By Andrea Tim | Published: 13 Jun 2015

Video: Dior

Dior's new Fusion sneakers will soon have us jumping into the future. In a new short film by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, British model Malaika Firth skips a rope, wearing the striking new high-top Fusion sneakers. The slip-on shoes, out in boutiques now, were first presented at the Esprit Dior show in Tokyo last year and are embroidered with sequin flowers and beads.

The film is bewitching, with every effortless jump documented as a triptych in slow-motion for us to see its high-performance material in action. Is this the most fashionable jump rope video or what?

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