One lucky guy gets a custom Lululemon tuxedo for his wedding

The activewear brand designs and delivers bespoke wedding tux for a fan

By Andrea Tim | Published: 10 Jun 2014

Lululemon makes suit
Photo: Lululemon

A big Lululemon fan named Todd was wondering what he'll wear for his wedding if he were to avoid wearing "hot and uncomfortable" suits. So he thought, what if Canadian-born activewear label Lululemon were to make him one?

After posting "Lulu design my tux!" on the Lulu forum, the Lulu team responded, asked him when his big day is going to be, and got to work on the Todd Tux.

About four months later in late April 2014, Lulu designer Cara Sumpton wrote "Suit pimping complete!!! Embroidered labels, flask pocket, cigar pocket, reflective pocket square... Todd, I shared this picture on my Instagram, and all the boys are SOOO jealous!"

The team had one condition, though: "Promise us that you will press the shit out of this before the big day. The fabric is 4-way-stretch... it looks a little softer than most suits, and we want to make sure you look extra crispy on your big day!"

We must say, the man looks pretty comfortable in his tux. Time (and maybe another fan request) will tell if Lululemon can nail a wedding dress.


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