London's Design Museum to exhibit the wardrobes of powerful women

Women Fashion Power exhibition will explore the relationship between fashion and influential women like Coco Chanel and Lady Gaga

By Andrea Tim | Published: 5 Jul 2014

Powerful wardrobes
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Who run the world? Very well-dressed women, apparently. Some of the most powerful women the world has ever seen have demonstrated an apt (sometimes eccentric) sense of fashion; some of them even influencing fashion trends altogether.

London's Design Museum will explore the relationship between these women and their wardrobes in the Women Fashion Power exhibition, which is to run from 29 October 2014 to 26 April 2015.

Co-curated by fashion expert Colin McDowell and the museum's head curator Donna Loveday, the exhibition will feature Elizabeth I, Lady Gaga, Coco Chanel, and Margaret Thatcher, among other iconic women.

"This exhibition shows how women have used different approaches to dress in order to make statements which are unique to them and their personalities," Colin said. "Few of the women in this exhibition would see themselves as fashion plates or even strong fashion followers. They create their own wardrobes, not to be fashion plates but to demonstrate who and what they are."

World-famous architect Zaha Hadid will design the exhibition, which is expected to showcase the best of these women's well-documented clothes, be it Gaga's bubble ensemble, Coco's tweed coat, Queen Elizabeth I's ruff collared gowns, or Baroness Thatcher's power suits.


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