Alber Elbaz only feels 'skinny and beautiful' in his studio

The interview that made us love Alber Elbaz even more

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 24 Sep 2014

Alber Elbaz's studio
Photo: Getty Images

If there's a more loveable designer than Alber Elbaz of Lanvin, we've yet to find them. The notoriously shy and retiring designer let the New York Times into his all-black studio and gave them some excellent soundbites. You have to watch the video – no typed words can adequately convey the depth of Elbaz'z cuteness and despair – but here are our favourite/most tear-jerking quotes:

Alber's black hole of calm:
"Everything else is very white and very colourful and all day long I'm dealing with colours and words and stories and I needed to make a place where there is no colour whatsoever. And I just made it all dark, all black. Maybe from a black hole I will have a better perspective."

Alber's closet of chaos:
"Everything here is like pretty clean and clinical and quite perfect, but then I throw everything in the closet. It's everything I don't want to see. Not like in life you know, in life I'm dealing with everything. But here every problem I have I just throw to the closet."

Alber's respect of tradition:
"I always say that when a designer comes, like me, to a house that has so many traditions, there are two ways. Either you break everything and start all over again, or you ask the more essential questions like: 'Why are they still alive? Let me keep that and continue it'. So rather than destroying, I try to think I'm more of a builder."

Alber's hate of the beach:
"It's the only place that I think I feel skinny and beautiful. The moment I get out of my office I feel I'm worth nothing. I'm so like not athletic, I don't like the sun, I hate the sand, I don't like vacations, I don't do all of that, I don't bike even, and here I feel I know everything."

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