8 things you need to know about KLFW 2014

All your Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week questions answered

By Emma Chong Johnston | Published: 13 Jun 2014

Guide to KLFW
Photo: Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week

1. When?
It's happening from Wednesday June 18 to Sunday June 22, and the shows go from 12.30pm every day. If you're stuck in the office from 9-5, don't worry; there are shows at 7pm and 9pm every day, and the weekend shows start at 12.30pm and run 'til 9pm.

2. Where?
Pavilion KL, at the concourse.

3. Can I watch?
Yup! Although the seats at the shows are invite-only, you can , in typical Malaysian-mall style, gather on higher floors to look down.

4. How many shows will there be?
74. Yeah. Intense.

5. Who are all the designers?
The bulk of the 74 are proudly Malaysian, plus three guest designers from Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines and a few international brands. Think of all the Malaysian fashion brands you know; odds are, they'll be there. The full list of designers showing can be found here.

6. Who should I watch?
Funny you should ask – we've got a round-up of the 18 designers we think everyone should see.

7. What if I miss the show?
We'll be updating live from the shows, so make sure to follow us on Instagram and keep checking our runway page for full galleries of each show.

8. And just wondering – who's the official ironing partner?
LauraStar, obviously.


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