Kanye West sneakers up for more than $16,000 on eBay

The singerís shoe design for Nike has met huge demand and sold out fast

By Jamie Khoo | Published: 11 Feb 2014

Kanye's Sneaker Bid
Photo: Nike

The last sneaker design Kanye did with Nike, a new Air Yeezy 2 edition named Red October, went up for sale at $245 on Nike’s website on Sunday afternoon. There was no promotion; just a solitary tweet from Nike. Still, even without the usual hype of celeb-collabs, the all-red sneakers sold out in ten minutes.

A few enterprising folks have gone on to put the sneakers up on eBay and the shoe is now going for thousands for dollars. At the time of writing the highest bid we saw was going for £10,000  ($16,420 or approx RM54,845).

The bid closes on Feb 16 – all eyes are on how far this will rocket and if anyone will actually pay out this much for sneakers. If that’s a bit over your budget, you could always swing on over to another bid and try to snag a pair for just £5,000 (approx RM27,414) instead – a real (relative) bargain if you ask us.

Kanye released his first Air Yeezy design 2009 but cut ties with the sports brand late last year purportedly because of creative differences and because Nike had not paid him royalties. He’s since winged his way over to sign a deal with Adidas instead. Are Nike kicking themselves (with a beautifully sneakered foot)? We should think so. 


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