June 2016 issue editor's letter

K-Pop icon CL stars on the cover of ELLE Malaysia's June 2016 issue

By Kate Guest | Published: 23 May 2016

June 2016 issue
Photo: ELLE Malaysia

Why do we travel? Factor in the airport security queues, delayed planes, hotel rooms that look nothing like they did on the website, pickpockets, Delhi belly, lost passports, lost luggage (ugh)… and it all starts looking like a rather dangerous pursuit. And I haven't even mentioned the cost. In Malaysia we're lucky to be able to escape for a cheap beach holiday on any given long weekend, but go any further afield and the costs soon add up. So why do we do it?

Maybe it's because being a stranger in a strange land makes us feel alive. For me, it's like switching all my senses back on, making me aware of things I'd become blind to at home. Everything is novel, and I'm a fool for new things. Even just walking down the street or watching TV is more exciting in a foreign country, which is why this month's travel issue was such a joy to work on. We began by creating a list of our 50 greatest travel experiences – these are the places we recommend to everyone we meet – but really, travel isn't about ticking famous sights off your list. It's about trying to order dinner when you can't speak a word of Japanese, and being shocked when an octopus arrives on your table. It's about high-fiving a kid in a Mumbai backstreet and getting a big smile in return. It's about seeing that everyone else in the world is both nothing and everything like you.

That's something our K-pop superstar cover girl, CL, can understand. Having grown up between South Korea, France and Japan, she says she doesn't identify with any one culture, which was hard as a child but as an adult has been a boon for both her career and her creativity (page 60).

Finally, while I can't pretend I enjoy the logistics of travelling, I do take a perverse pleasure in packing my suitcase. Turn to page 50 for our suggestions of what to pack for four different holidays, find our edit of the season's sweetest holiday-ready sandals on page 46 and see which beauty products the ELLE team never flies without on page 90. And if you're a regular traveller, you really need to read our failproof guide to beating jetlag on page 100. (I've tried it, and it really does work.) Happy travelling!


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