Is the anti-radiation bra for real?

Apparently, the Demron bra is designed to help reduce radiation exposure and prevent breast cancer

By Andrea Tim | Published: 28 May 2014

Anti-radiation bra
Photo: Demron

We thought glow-in-the-dark bras were a bit of it, but then we were told that you could get 'internal bras' screwed onto your ribs to prevent your breasts from sagging (what?!). That's as weird as it was going to get, we thought. However, another seemingly innovative bra has been in existence for longer than these other two, and it supposedly helps prevent breast cancer. Set the 'weird' bar higher, please.

The Demron bra was developed by Radiation Shield Technologies with the same material used in that provides total protection from all types of radiation, including X-rays, gamma rays, and nuclear emissions. We're talking hazmat suits for your boobs.

There's nothing unusual about how the bras look; they are designed to be as comfortable and durable as the best bra out there, but with the additional benefit of being radiation-proof. We're not experts, but can't radiation get to our breasts by penetrating other parts of our body like say, the rest of our exposed chest? By the way, Demron also has anti-radiation panties to go with the bras.

Does the bra actually work? Or is this just a way to squeeze profit out of radiation concerns? No one knows for sure if it really, really prevents breast cancer, but at $69.99 a piece, we don't see much harm in it. It's not like you'd have to screw it onto your ribs or anything.


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