Highlights from the Saint Laurent show at the Hollywood Palladium

Hedi Slimane shifts from punk-grunge to rock and roll

By Andrea Tim | Published: 11 Feb 2016

YSL in Hollywood
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Hedi Slimane showed Part 1 of his Saint Laurent AW16 womenswear collection alongside his menswear collection at the Hollywood Palladium last night in Los Angeles.

And he invited everyone.

Okay, not everyone, but the list of celebrities was a big one and it included a few people you wouldn't peg as Saint Laurent show guests. Then again, names like Gary Oldman and Tobey Maguire shouldn't come as surprise considering how the show was set in Hollywood. Those in attendance also included the music set, from Justin Bieber to Joan Jett, Lady Gaga, Courtney Love, Lenny Kravitz and Beck, and a hodgepodge of other Hollywood biggies like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Emma Roberts, Miranda Kerr, Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning, Nicola Peltz, Zac Efron, Ellen DeGeneres, Sam Smith, Jane Fonda, Milla Jovovich and Matt Bellamy.

Under the influence of the music scene in LA, Saint Laurent was – there is no other word for it – different. We're not talking a complete 180-degree switch in the feel of the fashion house, but one of the most obvious things about the collection was how it veered off Hedi's signature punk-grunge feel and entered the rock genre. There was also a distinct urban vibe, very much like Los Angeles in real life. Watch the full runway show on

Where slinky dresses were absent, leather, fringe and sequins took over. Hedi kept all hemlines below the knee and even delved into culottes – expect the trend to stay for a long while more. The men wore bowties, the ladies wore pussybow blouses and wide belts. Rock and roll received a touch of glamour in the form of crisp tuxedos, and even had some military feel pumped in with the simple addition of shoulder straps. Shiny fabric, sequins and animal print fur leaned towards glam rock without looking OTT, while a hint of the Old West was referenced by pointed boots and cowboy hats.


Tonight in LA Hedi Slimane presented #SaintLaurent's latest collection at the Palladium Theater 👏👏👏

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Whether intentionally or not, Hedi even squeezed in a futuristic theme; we're talking about a clash of colours on a dress that made it look like it was made of holographic material.


Pretty sure I like everything about this. #saintlaurent @ysl

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To top it all off, a long-haired Hedi gave a quick (and rare!) bow after the final walk. If Part 1 was any indication, there will be plenty to look forward to in Saint Laurent Part 2, which will be shown at Paris Fashion Week on 7 March 2016.


✨💥🚀🌎 E P I C Show! 👊🏼😍🏆🙌🏼 #saintlaurent #HediSlimane #ysl

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